A revista Communication Research de abril de 2013 já está disponível.

Veja abaixo o sumário da edição:

What a Difference a Day Makes? The Effects of Repetitive and Competitive
News Framing Over Time
Sophie Lecheler and Claes H. de Vreese

Communication Research 2013;40 147-175

Effects of Message Framing and Anchoring on Reaching Public Consensus on
the Korea-U.S. FTA Issue
Seyoung Lee and Hyun Soon Park

Communication Research 2013;40 176-192

Distinguishing Effects of Game Framing and Journalistic Adjudication on
Cynicism and Epistemic Political Efficacy
Raymond J. Pingree, Megan Hill, and Douglas M. McLeod
Communication Research 2013;40 193-214

Digital Literacy and Privacy Behavior Online
Yong Jin Park
Communication Research 2013;40 215-236

Social Anxiety, Motivation, Self-Disclosure, and Computer-Mediated
Friendship: A Path Analysis of the Social Interaction in the Blogosphere
Qing Tian
Communication Research 2013;40 237-260

Strength of Social Cues in Online Impression Formation: Expanding SIDE
Caleb T. Carr, Jessica Vitak, and Caitlin McLaughlin
Communication Research 2013;40 261-281

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